About me…

Pink - 1 (10)I learned to knit as a girl, taught by my mother. Though I don’t think I was ever successful at completing a finished project at that age, I just loved to play with the yarn. In college I was determined to knit myself a sweater and that is all it took!  I was hooked. I have 3 kids who my became knitting inspiration when they were little. From diaper covers to hoodies and hats, I would alter other people’s patterns to make them work for my own needs. Finally in 2013 I decided I should try to design something myself. Since then shape and form have intrigued me. My patterns often take an innovative and unique path, as I challenge myself to think of new ways to construct cardigans, shawls and pullovers. My passion is to write concise patterns that are easy to follow. I put all of my energy into the writing process so that knitting isn’t frustrating for my knitters.

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