What’s in a Name?

…a Lot!  Names are very important in a business and good ones are hard to come by! It always seems that the good ones are already taken.

In 2013, I started my knitting adventures without giving the name much thought. It was easiest to start off under my own name: Woeger Designs. I was told over and over again that this name is difficult to remember and hard to pronounce. Somehow I didn’t have the time, energy, or patience to think of something more catchy.

Fast forward to last fall:  due to personal circumstances (i.e. divorce) I decided to return to my maiden name. In a way I reclaimed my identity. As an added bonus my maiden name is also so much easier to pronounce and spell. Both are quite an advantage when you really don’t want to spend precious minutes of your life on the phone with customer service trying to teach them how to pronounce a name they will never remember (or care to pronounce) again in their lives – just because they are trying to be polite!

In any case Woeger Designs was suddenly was a “misnomer”!

Understandably, I have not had much time to think about knitting for many months. I have turned a corner, and I am very excited to finally being able to dedicate more of my time to my passion.

I see this life change as an positive one, especially because my followers will rejoice in the fact that they will no longer have to try to spell or pronounce a difficult name!

While brainstorming with my kids in the car recently, we came up with a catchy new name! Even better, it is a name that had not yet been claimed!

As with everything that a person creates and takes ownership of, I immediately doubted whether I really had something good on my hands. However, good friends have reassured me, it IS a good one. A name that has local, Colorado hometown roots.

Do I have you on the edge of your seats yet?





Woeger Designs is now know as The Public Knitter!

So now, please bear with me in the coming weeks as I sort everything out. This website and blog will eventually be moving to http://www.thepublicknitter.com/. I will do my best to make this a seamless transition, however please do bookmark the new site for future reference.

I wish you all a Happy (much anticipated) Spring and Happy Knitting!



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