Upslope Shawl

Upslope - 1 (8)

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Upslope is a native Colorado shawl design! Both the yarn (Hue Loco) and the name are from Colorado. Upslope is the name of a locally brewed beer that also went very well with the shape and lines on this design.

Upslope is a slightly asymmetrical shawl that is cast on with just one stitch. It is worked flat, back and forth, mostly in garter stitch, making it a good shawl pattern for beginner knitters.

The color elements are worked in using a very simple form of short row. If you’ve never heard of short rows, you should give this shawl a try, to give yourself a taste. If you are afraid of short rows, you won’t even know you are working them. The short rows in this shawl are worked using simple knitting increases (kfb) and decreases (k2tog) – ANYONE can do them!

These instructions are easy to follow and only include basic knitting skills. There is also no need to worry about weaving in multiple ends, both colors of yarn are carried, almost invisibly along the edge of the shawl, so that you will only end up with a few ends to weave in!

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